This VTEC Turbocharged hatchback requires no introduction – Honda hit the nail on the head providing legendary performance on both street and track with their Honda Civic FK8 Type R.

Equipped with Brembo 4 piston calipers paired with beefy 350mm rotors on the front axle, there is no shortage of braking power – further enhanced by Intima brake pads.
Utilising the 1678 pad shape seen in the ever common Evo and STi Brembo calipers, sourcing performance brake pads has never been easier as Intima have them available in SS, SR and Type-Dv2 compounds.

Brake squeal and noise is a common complaint from the OEM brake pads but with the SS and SR compounds with shims provided, this is greatly minimised if not eliminated completely.
Not just about noise and dust reduction, the Intima SR goes further and unlocks more braking performance to make the driving experience more engaging, enjoyable and safer on those spirited hill drives with it’s desirable bite and anti-fade characteristics.

Intima SR’s are the perfect match in an FK8 – stocked, supplied and installed by Elusive Racing in VIC

When it’s time to take the FK8 to it’s natural habitat and unlock the potential that Honda has reserved for the driver, the Intima Type-Dv2 will deliver the braking performance and confidence required to maximise the Civic’s prowess on the track.
Even as a basic light track duty brake pad, the Type-Dv2 holds its own when put into demanding conditions.

The Whiteline FK8 Type R using Intima Type-Dv2 with great success for trackdays and their own twilight rallysprint series.

Just as Honda intended, the caliper and brake pad on the rear brake setup is relatively small achieving the intended brake balance on the Civic FK8 Type R.

A pad shape not shared with any other car besides the FK2, Intima have you covered with our SS and SR compounds.

All Intima brake pads for your Civic FK8 Type R are available through our authorised resellers and directly online through our website:

Front 1678SS – $99
Front 1678SR – $160
Front 1678RS – $279
Rear 8950SS – $89
Rear 8950SR – $143

Pad shape diagrams for your convenience, 100% perfect fitment as per OEM specification: