The 2 piston Brembo rear caliper is found as an OEM caliper on many performance vehicles dating back to the early 90’s.

First appearing on the BNR32 V-Spec II in 1994, the caliper and corresponding “1521” pad shape has later appeared on the 350Z Track Edition, Evolution V to IX, Impreza STi 2001 – 2016, BNR33/BNR34 and BRZ TS.
Rotor sizes range from 300mm to 321mm to make full use of the available pad friction surface area.

16 years after its debut, this common 2 pot caliper is still in production with an updated version found in the Subaru BRZ TS model.

IN1521 – 77mm x 66mm pad size

When Mitsubishi decided to launch the Evo X in 2007, they decided a larger 330mm rear rotor was required to match the larger 350mm front rotor.
To make optimal use of the additional rotor surface area, Brembo developed a larger 2 pot caliper which subsequently required a slightly larger pad size.

Commonly known as the “2215” pad shape, Intima’s pad code is MD8550.

MD8550 – 87mm x 64mm pad size

In 2018, Brembo pushed the boundaries of the rear 2 pot caliper once again with a larger caliper and corresponding pad which debut on the MY18+ Subaru STi and Kia Stinger GT 3.3L Twin Turbo.
Noticeably larger than previous rear calipers, the new pad shape is completely unique and rivals the size of some front pad sizes.

Intima has now developed this pad to exact OEM specifications and it will be available in all three compounds in September 2020, our pad code is MD18023.

How much larger will the rear 2 piston pad shape evolve?