The Ford Focus ST and RS are the new modern hatches that can do it all.
With a punchy 2.0 or 2.3L paired with Ecoboost, these blue oval machines have no problem getting up to speed, carving up corners and grocery shopping.
With a unique front caliper on both ST and RS models, brake pads have been difficult to source… until now.
Intima’s hugely popular SR brake pad compound is now available for your late model turbo Focus front and rear.
Priced at $189 for the fronts and $122 for the rear in SR, your Focus hot hatch will pull up effortlessly stealthily.

Grab them from our shop today and unlock your braking potential!
Focus ST – SR –
Focus RS – SR –
Focus RS – Type-D v2.0 –

Ford Focus ST RS Intima Brake pads
Ford Focus ST RS Intima brake pad profile
Intima brake pads SR Focus ST