The Audi RS flagship lineup requires no introduction, they are your modern day power houses.
Audi knew with great power comes an even greater need for braking and equipped the RS3, RS4, RS6 and R8 models with the same sized Brembo 8 piston caliper comprising of 4 brake pads per caliper.
With this configuration, the total pad surface area is one of the largest for any passenger road car.

The OEM brake pads are adequate to stop the brilliant platform but to really unlock, enhance and maximise the braking performance of the generous brake setup, Intima’s SR and Type-Dv2.0 brake pads will do exactly that.

The Intima SR pad is suited for the performance oriented street driver whilst the Type-Dv2.0 has the added benefit of being capable of the casual track day.

Both compounds come with the correct electronic wear sensor and our unique shims for your convenience.