Intima Brakes Toyota 86 Feature

In mid 2019, a stock 2014 model Toyota 86 GT was added to the Intima fleet alongside the Intima S15, Civic and Focus ST.
One could argue that the factory engine power is the most lacking area however we believe the OEM brake pads are actually the biggest downfall and even down right dangerous – the strong pedal force and time required just to stop the car on the street at reasonable speed is shocking.

The stock brake pads were made for one purpose in mind – longevity.
As a result, stopping power, dust and fade were low priority and for such a well made sports car, it truly lets down the overall performance of the car.

Intima Brakes Toyota 86 BRZ SR brakes

The simple act of equipping your Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ with the Intima SS compound at minimum not only transforms the braking performance, it unlocks the full performance of this sporty package and instils confidence into the driver.
The SS compound has good initial bite and stopping power while keeping dust and noise to almost zero – perfect for sporty driving on the street.

For the 86/BRZ driver who enjoys driving this well balanced chassis to its fullest, the Intima SR compound with it’s high levels stopping power and anti-fade are made for those thrilling drives and casual trackdays.
This is the most popular compound for the 86 and BRZ, an all rounder which can handle everything thrown at it.

Intima SR brake pads Toyota 86 Rear

Even with the factory rotors, the Intima 86 equipped with SR pads put down a 1:13.1 time around Wakefield:

If the circuit is where your 86/BRZ heart lies, the Intima Type-Dv2.0 and successor RS will let you drive at your full potential safely and confidently.
With strong progressive braking characteristics providing good control and the ease of use of driving techniques combined with Type-Dv2.0’s renown anti-fade and consistency, it is made for maximum attack. The RS takes this to the next level offering even stronger stopping power and durability while being a true low dust and low noise pad aimed at the track focused street registered 86.

Equipped with Type-Dv2.0’s and a host of aftermarket suspension parts, the Intima 86 did an improved time of 1:10.3 at Wakefield:

The Intima 86 has since managed it’s primary goal of a sub 1:10 time with a 1:09.96 in April 2021 on street rated tyres, stock LSD & FD and no front splitter and rear GT wing.

Intima Brakes Toyota 86 BRZ

All three different Intima brake compounds serve different purposes, whichever you choose for your Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ we are confident it will elevate the performance to the next level and not break the bank.

The 86/BRZ platform is truly amazing and we can’t wait to see more and more of these cars out there performing as they should and unlocking potential on Intima brake pads.

Available directly from our online shop:

Front 86 GT/GTS + BRZ – IN1491SS – $83
Front BRZ Ts Brembo – 1678SS – $99
Rear 86 GTS/BTZ – MD7070SS – TBA
Rear 86 GT – IN1803SS – $66
Rear BRZ Ts Brembo – 1521SS – $83

Front 86 GT/GTS + BRZ – IN1491SR – $156
Front BRZ Ts Brembo – 1678SR – $160
Rear 86 GTS/BTZ – MD7070SR – $139
Rear 86 GT – IN1803SR – $139
Rear BRZ Ts Brembo – 1521SR – $154

RS & Type-Dv2.0
Front 86 GT/GTS + BRZ – IN1491RS – $259
Front 86 GT/GTS + BRZ – IN1491D2 – $179
Front BRZ Ts Brembo – 1678RS – $259
Rear 86 GTS/BTZ – MD7070D2 – $219
Rear 86 GT – IN1803D2 – $219
Rear BRZ Ts Brembo – 1521D2 – $219

Intima Brake pads will be the best ‘bang for buck’ performance upgrade you make for your 86 or BRZ.

*For track use, we recommend complimenting Intima brake pads with performance based rotors (e.g. DBA T3 4000) and high temperature brake fluid (e.g. Motul RBF600) to maximise performance and longevity.

Intima Brakes SR Toyota 86 Wheel
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