The Intima Brakes Story

Since the establishment and introduction of the Intima brand and brake pad range in 2008, Intima has been continually proving to the Australian market that performance and value can truly go hand in hand.

10 years ago, the SS, SR and Type-D compounds became available in a select number of vehicle applications providing an affordable high performing alternative to brake pads available off the shelf from your auto store and international brake pad manufacturers.

The SS compound continues to be the remarkable performance street pad with near zero brake dust, minimal noise and strong stopping power with a price tag of less than $100 for majority of applications.
Aimed at the customer who has a sporty driving style and deserves better performance than off the shelf or OEM products, the SS has and always will continue to surprise with its impressive characteristics.

Intima’s best selling SR compound has only seen one change over the years which was purely cosmetic – a colour change from purple to silver in early 2018, it is still the same favourite formula that all car enthusiasts choose for their performance cars.
The SR rewards the spirited driver who demands high levels of stopping power, controllability and anti-fade without all the noise and dust – these desirable qualities also make the SR suitable for the casual track work.
Ticking all the right boxes makes the SR an exceptional all round performer, it’s no wonder it is the pad of choice when it comes to unlocking and enhancing the performance of your pride and joy.

When it comes to track performance, it took several years of development and product offerings to finally get it right.
The Intima RR compound released in 2023 is a true track compound and a worthy competitor to other big name track pads.
With everything you need from a dependable track compound – strong initial bite, powerful stopping power, high fade and heat resistance and low pad wear, the RR is built for maximum track attack.
Stopping some of the quickest cars winning reputable events, the RR is here to stay and is the pad of choice for many track customers and time attack competitors.

Intima Brakes Pty Ltd is your local Australian owned company comprised of a small hard working team. A low head count is no disadvantage as it allows for high attention to detail and sharp focus with total control over all business functions – we are doing more with less.

With a continually evolving aftermarket automotive industry and car culture, Intima is ever present and interactive within which we believe is vital to delivering a product with true value for our end customers.
We are out there and thoroughly enjoy being part of and supporting the growing automotive and motorsports scene in Australia.

The Intima brand and products has seen continual growth in popularity and widespread use over the past few years and has evolved into a household name when it comes to high performing and affordable brake pads for the performance oriented car.
It comes down to the things that matter which we regard and affirm as areas of paramount importance – performance, quality, feedback, research, development, branding, commitment, testing, transparency and value.

Intima’s focus on the last point ‘value’ can often mistakenly result into the brand being perceived as a “budget” brand which can often mean lower product quality.
Quite to the contrary however, the Intima brake pad range is developed and manufactured completely in house at our own factory which also manufacture for top European, Japanese and OEM brake pad labels.
Quality control is the top priority in our manufacturing process and there are no shortcuts – this is your safety in our hands.

Intima’s simple belief is that high performing brake pads should not cost the world and we’ve made this possible and will continually do so.
It doesn’t just end with pricing, Intima’s support and commitment to the Australian community is for the long term.
Our products and the way we operate reflect our company – doing more with less.

Simply put, Intima is more than just a brake pad company – we are the proud backers of your driving confidence.
With your continued support, we will always remain driven to achieve. 

Intima S15 Silvia 200SX Early Days
Intima BRakes S15 Silvia 200SX and Honda Civic Type R EP3
Intima Brakes R33 GTST WTAC 2018
Intima Brakes WTAC 2018
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Company History

Established over two decades ago, the Intima brand has forged its name to be well trusted and recognised through ongoing excellence in quality and performance.

Available in all markets around the globe, Intima brake pads and accessories can be found in vehicles of all different shape and sizes. Whether straight out of the factory as an OEM application or as an aftermarket performance alternative, Intima’s presence in the automotive industry continues to grow.

Australasia has been fortunate to have the array of Intima brake pads since 2008, whereby during that time we have become the recommended choice in braking for anything between everyday driving to competitive motorsport.

There is no question about the importance brake pads have in the overall safety of a vehicle. This is why every compound formula has undergone extensive research and development ensuring there is a product that is optimal for you.

Every pad rolled off the in house production line undergoes stringent testing with meticulous attention to detail resulting in consistent high quality products.

The machines we use for testing like the Dynamometer, chase, strength and hardness machines are all cutting edge.

Our dedication to quality control is reflected in our ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, E-Mark and AMECA accreditations.

Intima Brakes Pty. Ltd. is the appointed exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand and we work closely with our manufacturing team to provide only the best for you and your vehicle.

Our long term commitment to the Australian/NZ market is unprecedented.

Locally started, grown and established down under, Intima brake pads are the future for truly affordable performance brake pads.