The team at trak-life are at it again tearing it up and pushing for new PB’s, this time equipped with the impressive new Type-D v2.0 = here is their review:

Intima Brakes EP3 and FK8 Type R

Just in case you missed it, VIC Time Attack 2018 held at Philip Island GP circuit on the 6th April 2018 was a huge event with great array of competitors.

john Richardson R33 VTA vic time attack intima brakes

The Intima sponsored R33 GTST piloted by John Richardson in the Clubsprint class scored 3rd place narrowly missing out on 2nd due to wet track conditions on the last session.
Considering the top two running cars are running significantly bigger power and are AWD drivetrains – the Skyline and driver combined did an amazing job to secure a place on the podium.
The R33 GTST retains the OEM 4 pot front and 2 pot rear calipers utilising Type-D v2.0 pads – just goes to show the potential of the new track compound.

In keeping with the R33 theme, the CNTS Racing R33 GTST lay down a blistering 1:04.2 time at the recent Aus Time Attack at Wakefield Park Raceway on the 23rd June 2018.
10th outright out of 40 competitors is an amazing result for a simple but well built car.

This R33 GTST is running D2 8 pot calipers with OEM 2 pot rear calipers utilising Type-D v2.0 pads – pilot Chris Yee very impressed and happy with the performance of the track compound so much that they put down most laps of the day!

CNTS Racing R33 Intima Brakes
CNTS Racing aus time attack Intima brakes

The Type-D v2.0 is the track compound that will surprise providing unrelenting performance, brute stopping power and high durability at an affordable price.

As these club level competition cars demonstrate, simple proven products and a bit of good driving goes a long way.