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The Intima Hyundai i30N Big Brake Kit

Unprecedented and a company first, we are proud to offer our own big brake for the Hyundai i30N exclusive to Intima Brakes.
A 2018 Hyundai i30N has been a worthy member of our fleet for several years which in that time has seen non-stop punishment on the track. Through our pursuit for faster laptimes, we have pushed the OEM braking system to the limits and fully understand its capabilities and shortcomings.
Whilst adequate for street and light track duties in an unmodified i30N, the OEM brake system suffers from overheating, uneven pad wear and average braking performance on track.
To overcome these deficiencies, our brake kit features:

A one piece forged monoblock caliper, the centerpiece of our brake kit provides superior strength and weight savings. The hollow top section of the caliper provides additional cooling and additional structural strength. Not to be confused with outdated 2 piece calipers found in other brands, this caliper is state of the art.

6 pistons per caliper provide exceptional modulation and increased stopping force, working well with the OEM Hyundai brake master cylinder.
Dust covers (boots) come standard which complies with the ADR for legal street use.

The i30N is a no lightweight and with a heavy front end, puts the majority of braking demands through the front braking system resulting in excessive heat.
Dissipating heat quickly is paramount which is why 2 piece rotors come standard featuring a strong lightweight T6061 centre hat and high carbon curved vane discs.
With fixed and floating configuration options available, which is best suited for you?
Fixed rotors will cover every street and track requirement however the upgraded floating rotors will take track performance and durability one step further. By utilising bobbins to affix the centre hat and disc together, this allows for a small degree of thermal expansion to minimise any disc deformation under extreme temperatures. If you are serious about track work, floating rotors are the choice.

Despite the larger 356mm diameter, 32mm thick and added hardware compared to the OEM Pre-facelift 345x30mm 1 piece disc, the 2 piece disc manages to weigh in at just below 10kgs.

A slotted disc surface comes standard with a non aggressive design providing a good balance between bite, modulation and pad wear.

Bigger is better? This is definitely the case for pad sizes.
Utilising a common AP Racing CP5070D51 shape (top lug removed), the friction surface area has been increased by 15% over the OEM shape.
With a huge aftermarket choice for this pad shape, you’re not limited to just our Intima pad range.

The fixed rotor configuration includes the Intima SR, our high performance and light track compound.
The floating rotor configuration includes the Intima RR, our streetable high performance track compound proven in our i30N and leading time attack cars.

For a brake kit consisting of larger components, you’d expect it to tip the scales more than OEM – our brake kit sheds a whopping 4.35kg per side compared to OEM.
Huge savings in unsprung weight directly relate to improved performance and handling of your N.

Performance choices aside, the next difficult choice is – what colour?
Standard colours are Red, Yellow, Purple and Black (not pictured).
For something completely unique, Polished finish upgrades are also available such as Silver, Gold and Titanium (below):

With the included carbon steel fitting brackets and other required fittings, this is a straight forward bolt on kit.
The OEM brake lines do a good job from factory and are to be reused otherwise aftermarket brake lines are also compatible.
There will be minor trimming (or complete removal) of the brake dust shield required due to the sheer size of the 6 piston caliper, the only “modification” required.
This is a DIY kit however we do recommend a professional workshop to ensure correct installation and bleeding of the brake system.

The 356x32mm 6 piston brake kit is designed for 18″ wheels and larger and will usually clear wheels with 8.5″+ diameter with +45 or lower offset.
Every wheel is different with different spoke designs and barrel sizes so best to get our fitment template to check.

Last and most importantly, the price.
The front 356x32mm 6 piston brake kit with 2 piece fixed rotors is $3590 and is available here.
The front 356x32mm 6 piston brake kit with 2 piece floating rotors is $3890 and is available here.

The big brake kit has been under development for the last 2 years with many revisions and thorough testing to get it 100% and to ensure the performance is truly on another level.
The Intima 2018 Hyundai i30N has been running this kit for the last 12 months and the increased braking performance has contributed to achieving the quick times around the nation’s circuits.
With easy power upgrades now available for the i30N models pushing way above stock levels, the want for a big brake kit has now become a necessity.

Already making an appearance in other N time attack cars, the Intima brake kits are real world proven performance with aesthetics at a realistic price – the true braking upgrade for performance N cars.

Facelift i30N, i30N sedan, KonaN and i20N brake kits are coming soon!

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Toyota GR Supra brake pads now available!


Every way you look at the Toyota GR Supra A90 and A91, it is an amazing piece of machinery.
From the potent and powerful B58 engine to the superb chassis and handling to the jaw dropping exterior styling, this car is worthy of the Supra name.

With the release of the Intima RR compound for the GR Supra, it’s time to extract even more braking performance from the beefy OEM setup.
Despite designed for serious stopping power on the track, the Intima RR is provides good cold bite and low rotor wear for street use.

It’s time to level up your A90 GR Supra braking power!

Front A90 Supra GT/GTS RR Brake Pads – $329
Rear Supra A90 GTS RR Brake Pads – $249

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World Time Attack Challenge 2023

World Time Attack 2023 is one to go down in the history books with every class record being reset making it the quickest and most competitive event to date.
With an entry list packed full of local and international competitors, everyone was bringing their A game for a chance at time attack glory over 2 intense days.

For Intima, this was our chance to demonstrate the potential and performance of the 2023 released RR track compound. Despite not being a fully fledged “race” compound costing an arm and a leg, the RR offers serious track performance which was reaffirmed by the entrants who chose the RR as their brake pad of choice.


#91 – Michael Garland’s Impreza RX

Michael Garland’s Impreza RX is no stranger to the time attack scene continuously evolving throughout the many years of events.
For 2023, the car sported a new look and the newly released Intima RR donned the front Alcon 6 pots and rear Brembo 2 pots.
A 1st place win in Clubsprint class at Mallala for SA Time Attack 2023 was a great start to the year but a few months later at Aust Time Attack the car withdrew due to mechanical issues.
With WTAC in its sights, the car underwent a host of upgrades to ensure further reliability and enhance performance.

The car was a completely different beast when it arrived at Sydney Motorsport Park in October – new turbo, ABS, pedal, gearbox, suspension and aero setup all needed acquainting to on top of relearning the track in just 6 sessions over two days.

Every session the car continued to get faster as driver found and pushed new limits, the car settled in the Top 5 providing the opportunity for one perfect lap in the Shootout.
Needless to say, it was a nail biter as the GR Yaris and DC2 Integra were snapping at the heels with just tenths separating them.
Clocking in a PB of 1.34.1980 in the shootout locked in 3rd place, milliseconds away from 2nd place.

A podium finish which was narrowly missed out last year, Michael did an amazing job considering the steep learning curve and lack of a proper shakedown.

The Intima RR providing exceptional braking performance pulling up the red rocket flawlessly and relentlessly, thanks for letting us being a part of it and believing and confiding in the performance.


#75 – Rahul Victor’s FD RX7 (@project7dere)

Rahul’s FD RX7 was looking the goods this year with an eye popping Itasha livery, definitely a headturner and crowd favorite.

The rotary powered machine went in for a host of upgrades for 2023, mainly focused on reliability to ensure that the car is running in an optimal state. Aero and suspension was also revised and fresh Intima RR equipped inside the somewhat tiny OEM calipers.

Over the two days of time attack, the FD showed its pace as the driver got comfortable with the track and setup. The garage is always buzzing with action with Rahul and his great team working through issues, making adjustments and reviewing data.
The RX7 managed to improve more than 1 second over last years time with a 1:37.6770, great result and no doubt more time in it.

Video link:

Rahul mentioning this year was the best braking he’s ever had thanks to the Intima RR *flex*.
The bigger bite and better heat/wear resistance compared to anything we’ve had available before really makes the difference. Look forward to the next event!


#70 – Jonathan Munro’s Ralliart Lancer

Jonathan and his Ralliart Lancer made their WTAC debut this year, an event which has always been on their radar and one to tick off the bucket list.
Easily mistaken for its Evolution rally sibling, this Ralliart Lancer has shown it’s a serious track competitor having yielded some great results at time attack events over the years.

First time having ever laid rubber at Sydney Motorsport Park GP, Jonathan clocked in a 1:45.3160 as their fastest time. Six sessions is not enough to proficiently master the deceivingly tricky circuit making this a solid result, also factoring in the modest power and minimal aero!

Intima RR delivering the big stopping power in the front D2 6 pots and rear OEM single pot for this heavy sedan over the 2 big days.
Things are already in action to get the car ready for next year, this is going to be good and we’re glad to be on board!


#76 – Sheepy Garage’s i30N

With only some minor changes to the suspension, the Sheepy’s Garage i30N was back at Sydney Motorsport Park with Prowraps Jeremy Morris behind the wheel this time around.

Pushing the simple bolt-on hatch with near zero aero, Jeremy managed to clock in a faster time than last year with a 1:45.3160.
Good to see another i30N going hard at it at the tracks, let’s see what 2024 brings for this car.


All in all, it was a great event with international competitors finally coming back providing a great challenge and variety.

Most importantly however, the Intima RR proved it has what it takes to be a serious choice for track cars and we are hoping we’ll see more cars running them in the future. Maybe we’ll even see one of the Intima cars compete soon enough.
The Intima RR wasn’t just about making a great performing track compound, it was validating and demonstrating that the mistakes we’ve made in past products are no longer present.
The compound is now as robust as ever, coping with extreme heat and wearing at an acceptable rate while maintaining consistent performance and complete structural integrity – the Intima RR simply won’t let you down and it’s something we can be truly proud of.

Great driver + great car + great pads 🙂

Last but not least, huge congrats to our good friends over at DC JAP Automotive who took out the Clubsprint class win and set a new benchmark laptime!

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Aus Time Attack 2023

For the first time since the event’s inception, Winton was the track of choice for the ever popular Aus Time Attack.

With the impending official release of our new Intima RR track compound just a month away, the timing was ideal to showcase its braking prowess.

Having never laid rubber on this circuit before, the Intima i30N was keen to see how it would fair on this track which combined a mixture of technical corners found in Wakefield and faster sweeping corners found in Sydney Motorsport Park – the goal was 1:35.

The morning started off chilly but dry, with a wet afternoon forecasted, most competitors went for maximum attack once there was heat in the tyres.
Finishing session 1 with a 1:37.3 was a good start.
Correcting tyre pressures and focusing on more corner entry speed and exit, the i30N finished session 2 with a 1:36.2.
To the dismay of many ours included, light rain hampered any attempts at a 35 in session 3.

With a full stomach and a drying track, everyone was fired up for session 4. 1:36’s lit up the Garmin Catalyst throughout the session and on the 5th lap the elusive 35 was in sight only to be marred by some traffic and overheating tyres. So close!

The goal was within reach and the i30N was eager to join the majority of the Prodsprint class clocked in at the 35’s.
Crazy quick Supra, GR Yaris and BMW’s aside, the competition were the FL5 Civic Type R’s, VW Golfs, i20N and Focus.
With just 1 more session to make or break it, track gods had other ideas and cruelly ended the day by bringing in monsoonal weather.

The Intima i30N performed flawlessly and the braking power provided by the RR compound was nothing but exceptional – super late braking pushing the braking markers further and further and providing plenty of control for trail and light braking with plenty of pad life left.
The pursuit for 1:35’s and lower will need to wait for another visit.

Untouched, unchanged (except for new Intima RR pads) and running the same tyres from last years event, John “Mr Oversteer” entered the Clubsprint R33 GTST without too much expectations.

Straight off the bat in the first session he clocked in a high 1:29, 2 seconds faster than his previous best putting him in the top 10.
Finding a dry track was proving a challenge as they chipped away at the time. In the last session of the day before the downpour, the Skyline mustered a 1:29.58.

Considering how evolved Clubsprint cars have become, 8th position with a 1:29.58 in this humble R33 GTST is an exceptional result. How much faster would they go with a fresh set of tyres and ideal conditions?

With one win already notched on the 2023 belt, Michael and his Impreza RX were on the hunt for another Clubsprint victory. 

The gearbox however, had other ideas putting the car out of contention at the end of session 1 – the Intima RR’s in the Alcon calipers barely got a work out!
Nevertheless, Michael was able to put down a time rolling the car over the finish line to a 1:28.57 on the 5th lap which put him into 6th place in Clubsprint class.
No doubt there was plenty more in it and they’ll be back stronger and faster than ever. 

The ultra reliable and consistent Twenty20 Racing WRX piloted by Jay dished out 32’s and 33’s over the 2 massive days at Winton, best time of the event was a 1:32.60.
Finishing mid-field in Clubsprint proves this car is no slouch and a serious competitor.

Having used the RS previously with great results, Jay admits the new RR compound is on a completely different level with an even bigger bite and better feel.

Slightly evolved from its last outing at WTAC 2022, Rahul’s FD RX7 (@project7dere) sported some revised aero, better engine heat management and of course our new Intima RR pads up front.

While most cars were going flat out putting down their fastest times in session 1, the RX7 cruised around bedding in the fresh RR brake pads.

With weather against his side and a wastegate wreaking havoc on boost control, Rahul only had a dry session 4 to make the most of 50% power and ended up with a mild 1:32.45. Nowhere near its potential, the team will be back on the tools to clock in that sub 30 in preparations for more events this year.

Despite the rain slowing the momentum of the event, it did nothing to dampen the spirits of all the competitors. Everyone was there putting in 100% on the track but back in the pits and facilities it was nothing but a laid back friendly vibe. That’s what these events are all about.

As a brand, we’re honoured to have such amazing supporters having success with our products and being part of the Intima team.
The Intima RR is truly a game changer and we know it will help bring on some more amazing results later in the year.

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The Ultimate Honda Type R Braking Guide

There is no second guessing the words “Type R”, they are a direct reference to Honda’s flagship models including the Civic, Integra and NSX Type R.
Honda’s racing DNA is instilled into every Type R model making them the ultimate drivers car for street and track driving.
Every component of the Type R is enhanced to extract maximum performance and engagement – chassis, engine, suspension, exterior and braking.

In Australia, we are fortunate to have all Type R models available and here at Intima Brakes we have our high performance brake pads to suit every model to further enhance the braking performance and potential.


Integra DC2 & Civic EK9 Type R

Both models came equipped with a large 57mm single piston Nisin caliper up front which uses the IN1206 pad shape mated to a 282mm rotor.
On the rear, a 34mm single piston Nisin caliper is used which houses the IN1265 pad shape, this caliper also acts as the handbrake via a spring lever mechanism.

The front caliper also found in the CRV of the same year period are an extremely popular upgrade for other Honda models due to the large pad (friction area) and corresponding rotor size.

Product links: 1206SS /1206SR1265SS/1265SR


Integra DC5 & Civic EP3 Type R

On the front axle, Honda upgraded the rotor sizes to 300mm however utilised a smaller 54mm single piston Nisin caliper using a noticeably smaller IN1452 pad shape.
The rear calipers are the same as the previous generation utilising the IN1265 pad shape.

Despite being a marginally lighter caliper and larger rotor (better thermal capacity), the reduction in friction surface area from the smaller and under utilised pad shape was a performance downgrade especially when track work was involved.

The 2005-2006 Integra Type S and S2000 AP1/AP2 also utilises the same brake setup and corresponding brake pads.

Product links: 1452SS /1452SR1265SS/1265SR

2001-2006 & 2007-2011
Integra JDM DC5 & FD2 Type R (Brembo)

The first appearance of a Brembo caliper on a Type R model is the Japanese only model of the DC5 Type R with the K20A engine.
The front 4 piston Brembo caliper uses a pad identical in shape to the Nissan R33/R34 GTR and 350Z but thinner, the correct thickness is 15mm and is the IN1520-10 pad shape.
The rear calipers are the same as the previous generation utilising the IN1265 pad shape.

The front Brembo caliper also a popular upgrade for other Honda models due to the superior modulation and stopping power provided by the 4 piston setup.

Product links: 1520-10SR1265SS/1265SR

Civic FN2 Type R

The front caliper utilises the same Nisin caliper, IN1452 pad and 300mm rotor setup found in the previous EP3 generation.
The rear caliper however was changed to a TRW single piston caliper using a different pad shape – the MD5150.

There was no performance benefit in the different rear caliper, pad and rotor size was identical to the previous generation.

Product links: 1452SS /1452SR5150SS/5150SR

Civic FK2/FK8/FL5 Type R

The introduction of turbocharging into the Type R lineage meant it was time for a bigger brake setup to stop the more powerful and heavier Civic Type R’s.
Large 350x32mm discs mated to a brand new 4 pot Brembo monoblock caliper containing 4 x 40mm pistons is the choice, utilising the IN1678 pad shape commonly used by the older design Brembo 4 pot calipers found in Lancer Evolutions and Impreza STi’s.
The rear caliper are also a new design to cater for the electronic brake system, a single piston setup using the MD8950 pad shape.
Product links: 1678SS /1678SR8950SS/8950SR

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WTAC 2022

The two day whirlwind event that was WTAC 2022 is definitely one to remember.
Not just due to the new records, new benchmarks or the huge variety of competitors, the Intima RS set its mark on the time attack stage.
Despite not having entered our own car for 2022, we were in the pits to support the DC Jap STi, Project7dere RX7 and Sheepy’s Garage i30N – all of which ran the Intima RS.

The DC Jap STi is no stranger to Sydney Motorsport Park and having missed out on podium in 2020, was on a mission for the top spot.

With modest engine power and aero largely unchanged since the previous WTAC, driver Trent Grubel needed to extract the maximum potential from the Subaru to keep ahead of the highly competitive Clubsprint field.
With Intima RS equipped inside front D2 6 pot and rear D2 4 pot calipers, braking performance was consistent and more than adequate pulling up the 350kW 1400kg STi over 2 big days competition.

The team were putting down low 1:37 times which is the fastest the car has ever been however knew they needed to pull out all the stops to set a 36 – only milliseconds set them apart from the next fastest competitors.
It all came down to the wire at the Clubsprint shootout, their last chance to get the team into a podium position they’ve worked tirelessly to achieve.
With instructions from the garage to give it 110%, car and driver did not disappoint as they clocked in a 1:36.0740 which secured them a well deserved 3rd place. An amazing result for the DC Jap Automotive team.

Watch it all go down to the wire in the shootout session:


Everyone loves the iconic Japanese FD RX7 and the Project7dere FD RX7 is definitely a crowd pleaser. It’s not just the looks, sound or speed that got people’s attention to Rahul’s RX7 but more so the arduous journey embarked on since his debut in WTAC 2018.
Challenges and obstacles seem to be a common and sometimes seemingly never ending occurrence for the RX7, however with determination and the right support, Rahul made it to WTAC 2022 ready to rock and roll.

Having tested the Intima RS in late 2021, Rahul found their performance to match the RX7 very well and thus opted to run Intima RS front and rear in the OEM calipers for the event.
Despite having run flagship (much more expensive) brake pads from other manufacturers previously, the Intima RS provided the high level of bite, modulation and anti-fade required to go maximum attack in the 370+kW RX7.

Straight out of the pits and into the first timed session, the RX7 clocked its fastest ever time of 1:38.69 – 3 seconds faster than the previous PB.
As the day ensued, minor issues arose putting a hold on a faster time and in the very last session of the event in full send mode:

Track gods were on Rahul’s side as car and driver survived unscathed and ready to battle another day.

Rahul and the Project7dere team finished in the Top 10 in 10th place, a well fought and well deserved result. The car showed plenty of potential and we look forward to seeing how much faster this car can go.

With an i30N in our own Intima fleet, it was only natural to support the only i30N competing at World Time Attack 2022 with Intima RS braking performance – enter the Sheepy’s Garage i30N Performance hatchback.

A Hyundai i30N may not have the time attack recognition compared to some of its other rivals and combined with the lack of aero and GT wing on the Sheepy’s Garage i30N, many would dismiss it as a formidable competitor – how wrong they are.
At the hands of driver Andrew Price, the i30N managed to set a quickest time of 1:45.2746 putting it close to mid way in the Clubsprint field. 

Considering the car has a relatively low 230kW, no aero and basic weight reduction, the 1:45 time makes it one of the quickest i30N’s around Sydney Motorsport Park GP and puts it close to much more developed time attack clubsprint cars. An impressive result driver and team should be extremely proud of and one Intima are glad to be a part of.

When asked how the Intima RS performed out on the track, Andrew advised he was more than happy with their performance as there was plenty of bite and no signs of fade – much needed characteristics when going maximum attack.

Watch the i30N’s fastest laps of the day here:

We look forward to seeing how these cars further develop and how the event evolves as competitors get faster and push the limits.
As always, we’re grateful for the support of the teams who trusted in our brake pads to help them achieve or get closer to their goals. Just like them, Intima will keep pushing the boundaries to improve and redefine what is possible.

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Hyundai i30N Performance Brake Pads

Looking for brake pads for your Hyundai i30N? Look no further as the Intima brake pad range has you covered.

Hyundai has done an amazing job with the i30N packing so much performance and value into an all rounder street and track package, exactly what the Australian market was yearning for.

While many were surprised the Korean manufacturer didn’t equip the 5 door with upgraded Brembo calipers (from the US Genesis), the current single piston offering paired with the 345mm rotor is still capable for street and light track duties.

As a performance enthusiast, demand more performance.
The stock brake pads may last the distance but will do no favours in unlocking the full performance potential of your i30N.

Since its 2018 Australian release, Intima have been developing products for the i30N and as of late 2022 have the SS and SR compounds available. The new Intima RR track compound became available in June 2023 and has proven to be an exceptional performer out on track when chasing those laptimes.
All of our brake pads are guaranteed 100% OEM fitment and include shims to reduce possible brake noise.

For the N driver who desires sporty street performance without all the dust and noise or simply require a great value OEM replacement, the Intima SS compound is well suited.
At $109 for the front set and $95 for the rear set, keep those wheels spotless as you enjoy the everyday SS performance.
i30N SS Front/Rear Brake Pads – $109/$95

For the street, weekend and casual trackday N performance enthusiast, the Intima SR offers remarkable stopping power, initial bite, anti-fade while delivering low levels of noise and dust.
All these characteristics allow you to enjoy your N how it should be on your favourite windy road and even on the odd track event.
The Intima SR has and always has been the most popular Intima compound offering the best of all worlds and at $189 for the front set and $154 for the rear set, it’s not going to empty out the wallet.
i30N SR Front/Rear Brake Pads – $189/$154


Intima Brakes i30N KonaN Front SR Brake Pad

For dedicated track performance, the Intima RR is the latest and greatest.
The RR is nothing like any track compound we’ve offered before, it has been rigorously tested in the record setting Intima i30N and at around tracks all around Australia to ensure the shortcomings of our previous track compounds are not apparent.
We are proud to say, the RR compound delivers exceptional track performance and good durability usually seen in much more expensive big name race pads. Not just an alternative to the common light blue/red pad upgrade, the RR outperforms it in every way and with better value.
Expect huge stopping power and good pad life with the proven performer Intima RR – be part of not just the fastest N cars but the fastest clubsprint level time attack cars with the Intima RR.
i30N RR Front/Rear Brake Pads – $289/$229

New for 2021 and an Intima first, we are proud to offer multi-slot high carbon disc rotors for the i30N 2018-2020 (Pre-Facelift) models.
More than just an OEM replacement, these disc rotors have been designed for the everyday street use and demanding conditions of the track.
To extract the maximum performance from these rotors, pair them with our SR or new track compounds.
More information on the rotors can be found here.
i30N HCS Front Rotors – $440 (PAIR)

It’s one thing to say your product does one thing and it’s another to prove that it does.
When we added a 2018 Hyundai i30N to the Intima fleet in late 2021, the first thing we did was install Intima RS brake pads and Intima HCS rotors and hit Wakefield.
For the first shakedown of the car, we clocked in a 1:09.7 laptime.
On our second visit on the N Tech NSW Wakefield Park day on the 12.03.22, we clocked in a 1:09.2 with the only change being a bucket seat from the previous visit.
Not long after we set the fastest Hyundai N car (at the time) at Wakefield with a 1:07.6 – still full interior and more in it:

Our Hyundai i30N then ventured out to Luddenham raceway to put down a racecar slaying 52 seconds, one of the fastest if not the fastest around that track:

Sydney Motorsport Park was next on the list and the renown GP circuit was one to not just test the potential of the car, but also perfect for testing our compounds.
We progressively got faster every visit starting out at a 1:49 and currently down to almost (essentially) a 1:44 as of 04/2024 with the amazing Intima RR:

Next stop Winton at Aus Time Attack 2023 with a 1:36.1 in Prodsprint class – fastest i30N around that track? Most likely!

What circuit will the Intima i30N dominate next?

The Hyundai i30N is truly an amazing piece of track machinery and has surprised us with its performance and potential.
With our new RR track compound released in 2023, we look forward to providing our customers with the true track performance that they deserve.
As proven in our very own Intima i30N, the fastest street registered and full interior N car around SMSP GP, Luddenham, Wakefield and Winton – it will just get faster from here.

Be prepared to be amazed at the difference Intima brake pads and rotors can do to your i30N.

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Intima HCS Rotors for Hyundai i30N

As one of the first local brands to offer brake pads for the Hyundai i30N Performance, Intima’s commitment to this popular platform continues as we are proud to release Intima HCS Front Disc Rotors to suit the Pre Facelift (PDe.1-3) 2018-2020 models.

An upgrade all i30N owners have been requesting to compliment their Intima SR and RS brake pads, the Intima HCS Brake Disc Rotors are designed for performance and will enhance the braking experience on both street and track.

High Carbon Alloy – Provides increased heat dissipation and thermal stability while minimising thermal fatigue to maintain superior rotor strength and durability when subjected to high temperatures.

Multi Slot Design – Precise CNC machined slots increase brake response, modulation and friction to further extract performance from the equipped brake pads.

Exceeds OEM Specifications – Designed to 345x30mm OEM specifications for a direct replacement, Intima’s metallurgy and machining is applied to take performance beyond OEM levels.

Street And Track – Quiet and smooth braking for the street, strong and durable braking for the track.

For optimal performance, Intima HCS rotors are designed to be used with Intima Brake pads all of which are available from an authorised Intima reseller or a direct from our online shop:
Intima HCS Front Rotors – $440 (PAIR)
Intima SS Front Brake Pads – $109
Intima SR Front Brake Pads – $189
Intima RR Front Brake Pads – $289

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Evolution Of The Rear Brembo 2 Piston Pad Shape

The 2 piston Brembo rear caliper is found as an OEM caliper on many performance vehicles dating back to the early 90’s.

First appearing on the BNR32 V-Spec II in 1994, the caliper and corresponding “1521” pad shape has later appeared on the 350Z Track Edition, Evolution V to IX, Impreza STi 2001 – 2016, BNR33/BNR34 and BRZ TS.
Rotor sizes range from 300mm to 321mm to make full use of the available pad friction surface area.

16 years after its debut, this common 2 pot caliper is still in production with an updated version found in the Subaru BRZ TS model.

IN1521 – 77mm x 66mm pad size

When Mitsubishi decided to launch the Evo X in 2007, they decided a larger 330mm rear rotor was required to match the larger 350mm front rotor.
To make optimal use of the additional rotor surface area, Brembo developed a larger 2 pot caliper which subsequently required a slightly larger pad size.

Commonly known as the “2215” pad shape, Intima’s pad code is MD8550.

MD8550 – 87mm x 64mm pad size

In 2018, Brembo pushed the boundaries of the rear 2 pot caliper once again with a larger caliper and corresponding pad which debut on the MY18+ Subaru STi and Kia Stinger GT 3.3L Twin Turbo.
Noticeably larger than previous rear calipers, the new pad shape is completely unique and rivals the size of some front pad sizes.

Intima has now developed this pad to exact OEM specifications and it will be available in all three compounds in September 2020, our pad code is MD18023.

How much larger will the rear 2 piston pad shape evolve?

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Civic FK8 Type R – More Stopping Power

This VTEC Turbocharged hatchback requires no introduction – Honda hit the nail on the head providing legendary performance on both street and track with their Honda Civic FK8 Type R.

Equipped with Brembo 4 piston calipers paired with beefy 350mm rotors on the front axle, there is no shortage of braking power – further enhanced by Intima brake pads.
Utilising the 1678 pad shape seen in the ever common Evo and STi Brembo calipers, sourcing performance brake pads has never been easier as Intima have them available in SS, SR and Type-Dv2 compounds.

Brake squeal and noise is a common complaint from the OEM brake pads but with the SS and SR compounds with shims provided, this is greatly minimised if not eliminated completely.
Not just about noise and dust reduction, the Intima SR goes further and unlocks more braking performance to make the driving experience more engaging, enjoyable and safer on those spirited hill drives with it’s desirable bite and anti-fade characteristics.

Intima SR’s are the perfect match in an FK8 – stocked, supplied and installed by Elusive Racing in VIC

When it’s time to take the FK8 to it’s natural habitat and unlock the potential that Honda has reserved for the driver, the Intima Type-Dv2 will deliver the braking performance and confidence required to maximise the Civic’s prowess on the track.
Even as a basic light track duty brake pad, the Type-Dv2 holds its own when put into demanding conditions.

The Whiteline FK8 Type R using Intima Type-Dv2 with great success for trackdays and their own twilight rallysprint series.

Just as Honda intended, the caliper and brake pad on the rear brake setup is relatively small achieving the intended brake balance on the Civic FK8 Type R.

A pad shape not shared with any other car besides the FK2, Intima have you covered with our SS and SR compounds.

All Intima brake pads for your Civic FK8 Type R are available through our authorised resellers and directly online through our website:

Front 1678SS – $99
Front 1678SR – $160
Front 1678RS – $279
Rear 8950SS – $89
Rear 8950SR – $143

Pad shape diagrams for your convenience, 100% perfect fitment as per OEM specification:

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