The two day whirlwind event that was WTAC 2022 is definitely one to remember.
Not just due to the new records, new benchmarks or the huge variety of competitors, the Intima RS set its mark on the time attack stage.
Despite not having entered our own car for 2022, we were in the pits to support the DC Jap STi, Project7dere RX7 and Sheepy’s Garage i30N – all of which ran the Intima RS.

The DC Jap STi is no stranger to Sydney Motorsport Park and having missed out on podium in 2020, was on a mission for the top spot.

With modest engine power and aero largely unchanged since the previous WTAC, driver Trent Grubel needed to extract the maximum potential from the Subaru to keep ahead of the highly competitive Clubsprint field.
With Intima RS equipped inside front D2 6 pot and rear D2 4 pot calipers, braking performance was consistent and more than adequate pulling up the 350kW 1400kg STi over 2 big days competition.

The team were putting down low 1:37 times which is the fastest the car has ever been however knew they needed to pull out all the stops to set a 36 – only milliseconds set them apart from the next fastest competitors.
It all came down to the wire at the Clubsprint shootout, their last chance to get the team into a podium position they’ve worked tirelessly to achieve.
With instructions from the garage to give it 110%, car and driver did not disappoint as they clocked in a 1:36.0740 which secured them a well deserved 3rd place. An amazing result for the DC Jap Automotive team.

Watch it all go down to the wire in the shootout session:


Everyone loves the iconic Japanese FD RX7 and the Project7dere FD RX7 is definitely a crowd pleaser. It’s not just the looks, sound or speed that got people’s attention to Rahul’s RX7 but more so the arduous journey embarked on since his debut in WTAC 2018.
Challenges and obstacles seem to be a common and sometimes seemingly never ending occurrence for the RX7, however with determination and the right support, Rahul made it to WTAC 2022 ready to rock and roll.

Having tested the Intima RS in late 2021, Rahul found their performance to match the RX7 very well and thus opted to run Intima RS front and rear in the OEM calipers for the event.
Despite having run flagship (much more expensive) brake pads from other manufacturers previously, the Intima RS provided the high level of bite, modulation and anti-fade required to go maximum attack in the 370+kW RX7.

Straight out of the pits and into the first timed session, the RX7 clocked its fastest ever time of 1:38.69 – 3 seconds faster than the previous PB.
As the day ensued, minor issues arose putting a hold on a faster time and in the very last session of the event in full send mode:

Track gods were on Rahul’s side as car and driver survived unscathed and ready to battle another day.

Rahul and the Project7dere team finished in the Top 10 in 10th place, a well fought and well deserved result. The car showed plenty of potential and we look forward to seeing how much faster this car can go.

With an i30N in our own Intima fleet, it was only natural to support the only i30N competing at World Time Attack 2022 with Intima RS braking performance – enter the Sheepy’s Garage i30N Performance hatchback.

A Hyundai i30N may not have the time attack recognition compared to some of its other rivals and combined with the lack of aero and GT wing on the Sheepy’s Garage i30N, many would dismiss it as a formidable competitor – how wrong they are.
At the hands of driver Andrew Price, the i30N managed to set a quickest time of 1:45.2746 putting it close to mid way in the Clubsprint field. 

Considering the car has a relatively low 230kW, no aero and basic weight reduction, the 1:45 time makes it one of the quickest i30N’s around Sydney Motorsport Park GP and puts it close to much more developed time attack clubsprint cars. An impressive result driver and team should be extremely proud of and one Intima are glad to be a part of.

When asked how the Intima RS performed out on the track, Andrew advised he was more than happy with their performance as there was plenty of bite and no signs of fade – much needed characteristics when going maximum attack.

Watch the i30N’s fastest laps of the day here:

We look forward to seeing how these cars further develop and how the event evolves as competitors get faster and push the limits.
As always, we’re grateful for the support of the teams who trusted in our brake pads to help them achieve or get closer to their goals. Just like them, Intima will keep pushing the boundaries to improve and redefine what is possible.