Looking for brake pads for your Hyundai i30N? Look no further as the Intima brake pad range has you covered.

Hyundai has done an amazing job with the i30N packing so much performance and value into an all rounder street and track package, exactly what the Australian market was yearning for.

While many were surprised the Korean manufacturer didn’t equip the 5 door with upgraded Brembo calipers (from the US Genesis), the current single piston offering paired with the 345mm rotor is still capable for street and light track duties.

As a performance enthusiast, demand more performance.
The stock brake pads may last the distance but will do no favours in unlocking the full performance potential of your i30N.

Since its 2018 Australian release, Intima have been developing products for the i30N and as of late 2022 have the SS and SR compounds available. The new Intima RR track compound became available in June 2023 and has proven to be an exceptional performer out on track when chasing those laptimes.
All of our brake pads are guaranteed 100% OEM fitment and include shims to reduce possible brake noise.

For the N driver who desires sporty street performance without all the dust and noise or simply require a great value OEM replacement, the Intima SS compound is well suited.
At $109 for the front set and $95 for the rear set, keep those wheels spotless as you enjoy the everyday SS performance.
i30N SS Front/Rear Brake Pads – $109/$95

For the street, weekend and casual trackday N performance enthusiast, the Intima SR offers remarkable stopping power, initial bite, anti-fade while delivering low levels of noise and dust.
All these characteristics allow you to enjoy your N how it should be on your favourite windy road and even on the odd track event.
The Intima SR has and always has been the most popular Intima compound offering the best of all worlds and at $189 for the front set and $154 for the rear set, it’s not going to empty out the wallet.
i30N SR Front/Rear Brake Pads – $189/$154


Intima Brakes i30N KonaN Front SR Brake Pad

For dedicated track performance, the Intima RR is the latest and greatest.
The RR is nothing like any track compound we’ve offered before, it has been rigorously tested in the record setting Intima i30N and at around tracks all around Australia to ensure the shortcomings of our previous track compounds are not apparent.
We are proud to say, the RR compound delivers exceptional track performance and good durability usually seen in much more expensive big name race pads. Not just an alternative to the common light blue/red pad upgrade, the RR outperforms it in every way and with better value.
Expect huge stopping power and good pad life with the proven performer Intima RR – be part of not just the fastest N cars but the fastest clubsprint level time attack cars with the Intima RR.
i30N RR Front/Rear Brake Pads – $289/$229

New for 2021 and an Intima first, we are proud to offer multi-slot high carbon disc rotors for the i30N 2018-2020 (Pre-Facelift) models.
More than just an OEM replacement, these disc rotors have been designed for the everyday street use and demanding conditions of the track.
To extract the maximum performance from these rotors, pair them with our SR or new track compounds.
More information on the rotors can be found here.
i30N HCS Front Rotors – $440 (PAIR)

It’s one thing to say your product does one thing and it’s another to prove that it does.
When we added a 2018 Hyundai i30N to the Intima fleet in late 2021, the first thing we did was install Intima RS brake pads and Intima HCS rotors and hit Wakefield.
For the first shakedown of the car, we clocked in a 1:09.7 laptime.
On our second visit on the N Tech NSW Wakefield Park day on the 12.03.22, we clocked in a 1:09.2 with the only change being a bucket seat from the previous visit.
Not long after we set the fastest Hyundai N car (at the time) at Wakefield with a 1:07.6 – still full interior and more in it:

Our Hyundai i30N then ventured out to Luddenham raceway to put down a racecar slaying 52 seconds, one of the fastest if not the fastest around that track:

Sydney Motorsport Park was next on the list and the renown GP circuit was one to not just test the potential of the car, but also perfect for testing our compounds.
We progressively got faster every visit starting out at a 1:49 and currently down to almost (essentially) a 1:44 as of 04/2024 with the amazing Intima RR:

Next stop Winton at Aus Time Attack 2023 with a 1:36.1 in Prodsprint class – fastest i30N around that track? Most likely!

What circuit will the Intima i30N dominate next?

The Hyundai i30N is truly an amazing piece of track machinery and has surprised us with its performance and potential.
With our new RR track compound released in 2023, we look forward to providing our customers with the true track performance that they deserve.
As proven in our very own Intima i30N, the fastest street registered and full interior N car around SMSP GP, Luddenham, Wakefield and Winton – it will just get faster from here.

Be prepared to be amazed at the difference Intima brake pads and rotors can do to your i30N.