There is no simple hack to getting quick laptimes around the popular Wakefield Park track.

With the right modifications, driving ability and guidance however, you will be able to unleash the full potential of your 86/BRZ and position yourself proudly on the leaderboard.

Having a 2014 Toyota 86 GT as part of the Intima Brakes fleet of cars, we’ve understood and tested its great track abilities at Wakefield and wish to see all owners win at this track as this is where the car can truly shine.

Taking your Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ to the track is a recipe for fun – these cars are very engaging and reward both new and regular track attendees.

Having fun at the track is just one part of the experience however, going fast and posting quick lap times is the other important part – don’t let the big horsepower cars intimidate you.

In its intended NA form, the 86 lacks outright power – thankfully not a huge disadvantage at a track such as Wakefield Raceway which focuses more on fast corner and average speed opposed to straight line or top speed.

As a minimum before hitting the track, an 86/BRZ should be equipped with upgraded brake pads and tyres to provide the driver with confidence crucial to going fast.

For the stock Intima 2014 Toyota 86 GT, we chose our popular crossover street and track pad the Intima SR and equipped an extreme performance street tyre Zestino 07RS all around.

We recommend upgrading disc rotors (e.g. DBA T3 4000) at the same time however in this case we left ours stock for testing purposes.

With the two most important upgrades installed, the Intima Brakes Toyota 86 posted a 1:13.1 fastest time around Wakefield.

For an almost stock car with such low power, a 1:13 is a very respectable time.

*Due to the stock rotors retaining a high level of heat, cooldown laps or returning to pit is recommended after 3 laps as you may experience brake fade and also to keep the brake pads within operating temperature.

What were the key factors which attributed to this fast time? 

The brakes and handling most definitely. Being able to confide in the consistent strong late braking and braking control is important to maintain speed while exploiting the great cornering ability of this car.

Here is a run down of the track based on our testing and experience so you can go fast too:


Heavily dependant on your confidence and grip level however you can keep full throttle through this corner. You can build up your confidence by lifting off the accelerator early down the straight to wash off speed until you are confident in your and the cars ability to keep accelerating through the “kink”.

The common racing line is staying left alongside the concrete barriers and then a small steering transition into the T1 apex.

You should then immediately straighten up and point the car towards the left corner of T2.


With the car still going straight towards T2 left corner, brake heavily and up shift to 3rd and steer quickly into mid apex of the T2 right corner then back onto the throttle aiming for the left hand side ripple strip.

Continue to go full throttle up towards T3 steering gradually to the right hand side.


Staying to the right, lightly brake (or lift off throttle or keep on the gas, heavily confidence, grip and aero dependant) and then turn left into T3 aiming to ride over the ripple strip.
There will be a noticeable weight transfer however keep the car in the middle and put in some throttle to keep up the speed as you approach T4.

T4 & T5

This is where the 86 truly shines and can make up a lot of time as it is very nimble around these two corners. The goal is to maintain speed so there is no braking required in these two corners, you can simply wash off speed (if required) before entering the corner by lifting off the accelerator.
Aim to use the full width of the track, steering sharply into the mid apexes and getting onto the throttle early to push the car towards the left hand ripple strips. 

On the exit of T5 you can choose to either stay in 3rd or downshift to 4th, we prefer the latter to keep the car more stable on full throttle through T6 due to no aero.

T6 & T7

Full throttle and turning into T6, aim to ride the ripple strip early and stay on it.

Going full throttle through both these corners ensure you are doing small steering transitions and are feeling the weight shift of the car from T6 to T7 in order to keep it stable.

After clearing T7 point the car straight towards the right corner of T8.

T8 and T9

Your racing line should be pointing you deep into the right hand corner of T8.
You should be going full throttle until you brake.
Equipped with Intima SR, Type-Dv2 or RS, have confidence in the late heavy braking and upshift to 2nd gear (heel-toe technique is optimal) and sharply steer into the mid-late apex. Release some of the steering lock allowing the car to wash out to the right and go back onto full throttle steering the car back to the left directing it to the T9 left ripple strip just before T10.


No braking is required (tap the brake slightly if you are still building up confidence) so simply lift off and steer into mid apex of T10. Immediately go full throttle which will push the car to the left ripple strip. 

Continue on the left full throttle down towards T11.


With Intima braking confidence backing you, brake heavily at or before the 50 marker and up shift into 2nd gear- don’t be afraid of going deep into the left corner. 

Turn sharply mid-late corner and full throttle exit pushing the car out towards the left ripple strip.

All that’s left is to press NOS and race towards the finish line!

Current fastest time for the Intima Toyota 86 is a 1:09.96 on “street” RE71RS tyres:

While we would like everyone to do their best and smash out respectable lap times out at the track, understand and keep within you and your car’s limits.

At the end of the day you want to drive your car home in one piece.

This guide is simply a breakdown of how we did 1:09 in our own Toyota 86, following the information herein is at your own risk.

Once it’s time to crack into the single digits, a front splitter, rear diffuser, GT Wing, sticky R compound tyres, higher final drive and mechanical LSD will get you there or you can simply go forced induction.

Now go out there, get your stopping power sorted by Intima pads, have some fun and give those bigger horsepower cars a run for their money.

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