There is no second guessing the words “Type R”, they are a direct reference to Honda’s flagship models including the Civic, Integra and NSX Type R.
Honda’s racing DNA is instilled into every Type R model making them the ultimate drivers car for street and track driving.
Every component of the Type R is enhanced to extract maximum performance and engagement – chassis, engine, suspension, exterior and braking.

In Australia, we are fortunate to have all Type R models available and here at Intima Brakes we have our high performance brake pads to suit every model to further enhance the braking performance and potential.


Integra DC2 & Civic EK9 Type R

Both models came equipped with a large 57mm single piston Nisin caliper up front which uses the IN1206 pad shape mated to a 282mm rotor.
On the rear, a 34mm single piston Nisin caliper is used which houses the IN1265 pad shape, this caliper also acts as the handbrake via a spring lever mechanism.

The front caliper also found in the CRV of the same year period are an extremely popular upgrade for other Honda models due to the large pad (friction area) and corresponding rotor size.

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Integra DC5 & Civic EP3 Type R

On the front axle, Honda upgraded the rotor sizes to 300mm however utilised a smaller 54mm single piston Nisin caliper using a noticeably smaller IN1452 pad shape.
The rear calipers are the same as the previous generation utilising the IN1265 pad shape.

Despite being a marginally lighter caliper and larger rotor (better thermal capacity), the reduction in friction surface area from the smaller and under utilised pad shape was a performance downgrade especially when track work was involved.

The 2005-2006 Integra Type S and S2000 AP1/AP2 also utilises the same brake setup and corresponding brake pads.

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2001-2006 & 2007-2011
Integra JDM DC5 & FD2 Type R (Brembo)

The first appearance of a Brembo caliper on a Type R model is the Japanese only model of the DC5 Type R with the K20A engine.
The front 4 piston Brembo caliper uses a pad identical in shape to the Nissan R33/R34 GTR and 350Z but thinner, the correct thickness is 15mm and is the IN1520-10 pad shape.
The rear calipers are the same as the previous generation utilising the IN1265 pad shape.

The front Brembo caliper also a popular upgrade for other Honda models due to the superior modulation and stopping power provided by the 4 piston setup.

Product links: 1520-10SR1265SS/1265SR

Civic FN2 Type R

The front caliper utilises the same Nisin caliper, IN1452 pad and 300mm rotor setup found in the previous EP3 generation.
The rear caliper however was changed to a TRW single piston caliper using a different pad shape – the MD5150.

There was no performance benefit in the different rear caliper, pad and rotor size was identical to the previous generation.

Product links: 1452SS /1452SR5150SS/5150SR

Civic FK2/FK8/FL5 Type R

The introduction of turbocharging into the Type R lineage meant it was time for a bigger brake setup to stop the more powerful and heavier Civic Type R’s.
Large 350x32mm discs mated to a brand new 4 pot Brembo monoblock caliper containing 4 x 40mm pistons is the choice, utilising the IN1678 pad shape commonly used by the older design Brembo 4 pot calipers found in Lancer Evolutions and Impreza STi’s.
The rear caliper are also a new design to cater for the electronic brake system, a single piston setup using the MD8950 pad shape.
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