For the first time since the event’s inception, Winton was the track of choice for the ever popular Aus Time Attack.

With the impending official release of our new Intima RR track compound just a month away, the timing was ideal to showcase its braking prowess.

Having never laid rubber on this circuit before, the Intima i30N was keen to see how it would fair on this track which combined a mixture of technical corners found in Wakefield and faster sweeping corners found in Sydney Motorsport Park – the goal was 1:35.

The morning started off chilly but dry, with a wet afternoon forecasted, most competitors went for maximum attack once there was heat in the tyres.
Finishing session 1 with a 1:37.3 was a good start.
Correcting tyre pressures and focusing on more corner entry speed and exit, the i30N finished session 2 with a 1:36.2.
To the dismay of many ours included, light rain hampered any attempts at a 35 in session 3.

With a full stomach and a drying track, everyone was fired up for session 4. 1:36’s lit up the Garmin Catalyst throughout the session and on the 5th lap the elusive 35 was in sight only to be marred by some traffic and overheating tyres. So close!

The goal was within reach and the i30N was eager to join the majority of the Prodsprint class clocked in at the 35’s.
Crazy quick Supra, GR Yaris and BMW’s aside, the competition were the FL5 Civic Type R’s, VW Golfs, i20N and Focus.
With just 1 more session to make or break it, track gods had other ideas and cruelly ended the day by bringing in monsoonal weather.

The Intima i30N performed flawlessly and the braking power provided by the RR compound was nothing but exceptional – super late braking pushing the braking markers further and further and providing plenty of control for trail and light braking with plenty of pad life left.
The pursuit for 1:35’s and lower will need to wait for another visit.

Untouched, unchanged (except for new Intima RR pads) and running the same tyres from last years event, John “Mr Oversteer” entered the Clubsprint R33 GTST without too much expectations.

Straight off the bat in the first session he clocked in a high 1:29, 2 seconds faster than his previous best putting him in the top 10.
Finding a dry track was proving a challenge as they chipped away at the time. In the last session of the day before the downpour, the Skyline mustered a 1:29.58.

Considering how evolved Clubsprint cars have become, 8th position with a 1:29.58 in this humble R33 GTST is an exceptional result. How much faster would they go with a fresh set of tyres and ideal conditions?

With one win already notched on the 2023 belt, Michael and his Impreza RX were on the hunt for another Clubsprint victory. 

The gearbox however, had other ideas putting the car out of contention at the end of session 1 – the Intima RR’s in the Alcon calipers barely got a work out!
Nevertheless, Michael was able to put down a time rolling the car over the finish line to a 1:28.57 on the 5th lap which put him into 6th place in Clubsprint class.
No doubt there was plenty more in it and they’ll be back stronger and faster than ever. 

The ultra reliable and consistent Twenty20 Racing WRX piloted by Jay dished out 32’s and 33’s over the 2 massive days at Winton, best time of the event was a 1:32.60.
Finishing mid-field in Clubsprint proves this car is no slouch and a serious competitor.

Having used the RS previously with great results, Jay admits the new RR compound is on a completely different level with an even bigger bite and better feel.

Slightly evolved from its last outing at WTAC 2022, Rahul’s FD RX7 (@project7dere) sported some revised aero, better engine heat management and of course our new Intima RR pads up front.

While most cars were going flat out putting down their fastest times in session 1, the RX7 cruised around bedding in the fresh RR brake pads.

With weather against his side and a wastegate wreaking havoc on boost control, Rahul only had a dry session 4 to make the most of 50% power and ended up with a mild 1:32.45. Nowhere near its potential, the team will be back on the tools to clock in that sub 30 in preparations for more events this year.

Despite the rain slowing the momentum of the event, it did nothing to dampen the spirits of all the competitors. Everyone was there putting in 100% on the track but back in the pits and facilities it was nothing but a laid back friendly vibe. That’s what these events are all about.

As a brand, we’re honoured to have such amazing supporters having success with our products and being part of the Intima team.
The Intima RR is truly a game changer and we know it will help bring on some more amazing results later in the year.