World Time Attack 2023 is one to go down in the history books with every class record being reset making it the quickest and most competitive event to date.
With an entry list packed full of local and international competitors, everyone was bringing their A game for a chance at time attack glory over 2 intense days.

For Intima, this was our chance to demonstrate the potential and performance of the 2023 released RR track compound. Despite not being a fully fledged “race” compound costing an arm and a leg, the RR offers serious track performance which was reaffirmed by the entrants who chose the RR as their brake pad of choice.


#91 – Michael Garland’s Impreza RX

Michael Garland’s Impreza RX is no stranger to the time attack scene continuously evolving throughout the many years of events.
For 2023, the car sported a new look and the newly released Intima RR donned the front Alcon 6 pots and rear Brembo 2 pots.
A 1st place win in Clubsprint class at Mallala for SA Time Attack 2023 was a great start to the year but a few months later at Aust Time Attack the car withdrew due to mechanical issues.
With WTAC in its sights, the car underwent a host of upgrades to ensure further reliability and enhance performance.

The car was a completely different beast when it arrived at Sydney Motorsport Park in October – new turbo, ABS, pedal, gearbox, suspension and aero setup all needed acquainting to on top of relearning the track in just 6 sessions over two days.

Every session the car continued to get faster as driver found and pushed new limits, the car settled in the Top 5 providing the opportunity for one perfect lap in the Shootout.
Needless to say, it was a nail biter as the GR Yaris and DC2 Integra were snapping at the heels with just tenths separating them.
Clocking in a PB of 1.34.1980 in the shootout locked in 3rd place, milliseconds away from 2nd place.

A podium finish which was narrowly missed out last year, Michael did an amazing job considering the steep learning curve and lack of a proper shakedown.

The Intima RR providing exceptional braking performance pulling up the red rocket flawlessly and relentlessly, thanks for letting us being a part of it and believing and confiding in the performance.


#75 – Rahul Victor’s FD RX7 (@project7dere)

Rahul’s FD RX7 was looking the goods this year with an eye popping Itasha livery, definitely a headturner and crowd favorite.

The rotary powered machine went in for a host of upgrades for 2023, mainly focused on reliability to ensure that the car is running in an optimal state. Aero and suspension was also revised and fresh Intima RR equipped inside the somewhat tiny OEM calipers.

Over the two days of time attack, the FD showed its pace as the driver got comfortable with the track and setup. The garage is always buzzing with action with Rahul and his great team working through issues, making adjustments and reviewing data.
The RX7 managed to improve more than 1 second over last years time with a 1:37.6770, great result and no doubt more time in it.

Video link:

Rahul mentioning this year was the best braking he’s ever had thanks to the Intima RR *flex*.
The bigger bite and better heat/wear resistance compared to anything we’ve had available before really makes the difference. Look forward to the next event!


#70 – Jonathan Munro’s Ralliart Lancer

Jonathan and his Ralliart Lancer made their WTAC debut this year, an event which has always been on their radar and one to tick off the bucket list.
Easily mistaken for its Evolution rally sibling, this Ralliart Lancer has shown it’s a serious track competitor having yielded some great results at time attack events over the years.

First time having ever laid rubber at Sydney Motorsport Park GP, Jonathan clocked in a 1:45.3160 as their fastest time. Six sessions is not enough to proficiently master the deceivingly tricky circuit making this a solid result, also factoring in the modest power and minimal aero!

Intima RR delivering the big stopping power in the front D2 6 pots and rear OEM single pot for this heavy sedan over the 2 big days.
Things are already in action to get the car ready for next year, this is going to be good and we’re glad to be on board!


#76 – Sheepy Garage’s i30N

With only some minor changes to the suspension, the Sheepy’s Garage i30N was back at Sydney Motorsport Park with Prowraps Jeremy Morris behind the wheel this time around.

Pushing the simple bolt-on hatch with near zero aero, Jeremy managed to clock in a faster time than last year with a 1:45.3160.
Good to see another i30N going hard at it at the tracks, let’s see what 2024 brings for this car.


All in all, it was a great event with international competitors finally coming back providing a great challenge and variety.

Most importantly however, the Intima RR proved it has what it takes to be a serious choice for track cars and we are hoping we’ll see more cars running them in the future. Maybe we’ll even see one of the Intima cars compete soon enough.
The Intima RR wasn’t just about making a great performing track compound, it was validating and demonstrating that the mistakes we’ve made in past products are no longer present.
The compound is now as robust as ever, coping with extreme heat and wearing at an acceptable rate while maintaining consistent performance and complete structural integrity – the Intima RR simply won’t let you down and it’s something we can be truly proud of.

Great driver + great car + great pads 🙂

Last but not least, huge congrats to our good friends over at DC JAP Automotive who took out the Clubsprint class win and set a new benchmark laptime!