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Type-D v2.0 in the news

The team at trak-life are at it again tearing it up and pushing for new PB’s, this time equipped with the impressive new Type-D v2.0 = here is their review:

Intima Brakes EP3 and FK8 Type R

Just in case you missed it, VIC Time Attack 2018 held at Philip Island GP circuit on the 6th April 2018 was a huge event with great array of competitors.

john Richardson R33 VTA vic time attack intima brakes

The Intima sponsored R33 GTST piloted by John Richardson in the Clubsprint class scored 3rd place narrowly missing out on 2nd due to wet track conditions on the last session.
Considering the top two running cars are running significantly bigger power and are AWD drivetrains – the Skyline and driver combined did an amazing job to secure a place on the podium.
The R33 GTST retains the OEM 4 pot front and 2 pot rear calipers utilising Type-D v2.0 pads – just goes to show the potential of the new track compound.

In keeping with the R33 theme, the CNTS Racing R33 GTST lay down a blistering 1:04.2 time at the recent Aus Time Attack at Wakefield Park Raceway on the 23rd June 2018.
10th outright out of 40 competitors is an amazing result for a simple but well built car.

This R33 GTST is running D2 8 pot calipers with OEM 2 pot rear calipers utilising Type-D v2.0 pads – pilot Chris Yee very impressed and happy with the performance of the track compound so much that they put down most laps of the day!

CNTS Racing R33 Intima Brakes
CNTS Racing aus time attack Intima brakes

The Type-D v2.0 is the track compound that will surprise providing unrelenting performance, brute stopping power and high durability at an affordable price.

As these club level competition cars demonstrate, simple proven products and a bit of good driving goes a long way.

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2018 – Packaging Updates

The Intima brake pad packaging design boxes have now been updated after ten years and are slowly filtering out to all of our resellers.
All three compounds are now easily distinguishable and the Type-D finally has its own design!

Intima Brake Pads Boxes

Whilst the old box designs will no longer be printed, there are some applications whose packaging has not yet been refreshed.

Old Intima Brake Pad Boxes

Lastly, the SR brake pad backing plate will now be in Silver moving forward.

Intima SR Silver Brake Pad

We hope you enjoy these much needed updates!

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The Intima Honda Civic EP3 Type R in 2017

Intima Honda Civic Type R EP3

2017 has been a very busy year for the Intima Brakes Honda Civic EP3 Type R.
With simple bolt on engine modifications, coilover suspension and Intima brake pads, each visit to the race track wasn’t just about bettering lap times but also pushing the limits of our track compounds.

The Intima SR compound has long been the mainstream favourite for performance street driving with casual track use. It is a very predictable and dependable compound pulling up any vehicle quickly on demand whilst keeping noise and dust to a minimal.
With the street friendly ceramic compound installed in the Civic, several intense hotlaps were easily achievable out on track before needing a cool down.

Wakefield Park Raceway in NSW has been the testing ground this year and with the SR brake pads equipped front and rear, the current best time for our EP3 is 1:09.2 (Natsoft) – we believe this time to also be the record for a street registered EP3 around this track!

In September 2017, it was time to take on a new battleground and so the Civic was entered into Class 3 for Honda Nationals at Winton Raceway in Victoria.
The track focused Intima Type-D pads were installed up front for better fade resistance on the longer 3km track.
First time on Winton tarmac for both driver and vehicle, a best time of 1:39.7 via Natsoft was a great outcome placing the full weight EP3 5th out of a very competitive 17 car field.
Where the Type-D compound intentionally lacks initial bite, the driver is rewarded with relentless and strong progressive stopping power lap after lap.

The front brake setup on the EP3 Type R is very basic consisting of the factory single piston calipers, factory brake lines, 300mm slotted rotors and factory sized brake pads which have a relatively small contact area – this setup is also shared with the S2000, DC5 Type R and FN2 Civic Type R.
By simply installing Intima brake pads, the car was transformed dramatically by inspiring confidence in the driver to dive deeper and push harder.

When it’s time for you to choose the right Intima compound for your Honda, the formula is simple.
If your car sees the street more than it does the track, the flexible SR full ceramic compound is for you.
Otherwise for the confidence and dependable stopping power required for the track, opt for the Type-D.

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Good news for MY15+ WRX and Levorg owners

Not only is the new MY15+ model WRX and Levorg a huge step ahead from the previous model WRX’s in terms of performance, comfort and style, the most important update is the much larger caliper on the front brake setup borrowed from the Liberty range.

The stock brake pads do absolutely no wonders to the performance of the WRX and Levorg. Do yourself and your new car a favour, pickup some Intima IN1722 SS or SR pads to improve not just the stopping performance but overall safety too.
For 2018, rear Levorg pads are now available IN2398 in SR compound – don’t be fooled by others saying these are the same as BRZ/GTS as they are not, Intima Performance Brake Pads has the right pad for you.

Grab them instantly from our shop today!
SS –
SR –
Type-D v2.0 –
WRX Type-D v2.0 –
Levorg SR –

Intima Brake Pads WRX Levorg
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The Intima SR is here for the Nissan 370Z!

Nissan decided to do away with the ever popular gold Brembo calipers for their latest iteration of the Fairlady Z.
In it’s place are comparable 4 piston Akebono calipers front and rear which comfortably pull up the 370Z with ease.
Whilst the 370Z makes for an amazing drive around town day in and day out, Nissan really re-worked the chassis to make it a formidable presence on the track.
That’s where our SR compound really shines with the 370Z as it represents the best of both worlds.

Even if your Fairlady may never see the track, know that when the VQ37HR unleashes it’s full potential you have the right gear to stop time and time again confidentely, safely and quietly.

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The Perfect Choice for your 180SX, S13, S14 & S15

The S-chassis range of Nissan’s are the perfect canvas for modification as aftermarket parts are readily available for this solid platform. Equipped with a capable braking setup from the factory, Intima’s range of performance brake pads enhance the stopping power even further with our SS, SR and Type-D compounds.
When the time comes and you decide it’s time to upgrade, Intima has your braking game covered for your Skyline, Evo or GTR Brembo calipers.

As our popular SR compound naming implies, they’re made for the “SR”20DET Silvia and 180SXs!

Intima Brake Pads S13 S14 S15 180Sx
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Intima BrakesProduct Brochure Updated for 2017

It’s never been easier to choose the right compound for your vehicle.
From pure street to track and everything in between, Intima Brakes has a high performing brake pad for your application.

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Intima Type-D triumphs at Adelaide Motorsport Festival 2016

Bill Lakstins R32 GTR Adelaide Motorsport Festival Intima Type-D

Another successful Adelaide Motorsport Festival has come and gone providing locals and visitors alike with a euphoria of automobile sights and sounds.
For many entrants, the simple joy of going wide open throttle through the twisty tarmac resulting in a wonderous gaze from the crowd was enough.
For one street registered Nissan Skyline R32 GTR though, it was all about maximum attack against the clock.

Natsoft Nismo Challenge Intima Type-D brake pads

Equipped with Intima’s Type-D brake pads which provided ultimate fade resistance and stopping power, Bill and his Godzilla claimed first place against a field of highly competitive and race spec’d Nissans.

Bill Lakstins R32 GTR Adelaide Motorsport Festival Intima Type-D

Good work Bill! Look forward to your next victory in your next event using our proven Type-D pads!

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WTAC 2016 – Enter Intima

CNTSRacing R34 Intima

WTAC just keeps getting bigger and bigger each year with more competitors and new lap records.
2016 stayed true to this with the highly competitive clubsprint class comprising of more than 45 entrants, the biggest it’s ever been!
Being the entry level class for aspiring amateur drivers to make their mark, it’s not just a proving ground for their skills but also their vehicle setup.

Making their debut this year was Tim Burt and his Nissan Skyline R34 GTT.
Compared to the competition, the Skyline was quite tame with minimal aero, average width tyres and modest power. Knowing full well the braking requirements of the demanding high speed Sydney Motorsport Park GP circuit, Tim equipped the Evo Brembo calipers with the flagship Intima Type D brake pads for the front and Intima SR for the rear – a combo he advises works wonders for him even without ABS.

After two punishing days of maximum attack and scorching temperatures, the Intima equipped Skyline set a personal best of 1:45.9220 which placed them mid field in the rankings.
When asked how the brake pads held up he had absolutely no complaints about them, they pulled up consistently everytime.

Congratulations to Tim and his R34 for an amazing result, we’ll be watching him closely as he and the car progresses!

Follow him at:

Tim Burt R34 GTT Intima
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trak-life Intima Brake pad review

The three man team at trak-life who are passionate about the automotive and grass roots motorsport scene post up their impressions and findings on our SR and Type D brake pads.


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