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Win at Wakefield with your 86/BRZ

There is no simple hack to getting quick laptimes around the popular Wakefield Park track.

With the right modifications, driving ability and guidance however, you will be able to unleash the full potential of your 86/BRZ and position yourself proudly on the leaderboard.

Having a 2014 Toyota 86 GT as part of the Intima Brakes fleet of cars, we’ve understood and tested its great track abilities at Wakefield and wish to see all owners win at this track as this is where the car can truly shine.

Taking your Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ to the track is a recipe for fun – these cars are very engaging and reward both new and regular track attendees.

Having fun at the track is just one part of the experience however, going fast and posting quick lap times is the other important part – don’t let the big horsepower cars intimidate you.

In its intended NA form, the 86 lacks outright power – thankfully not a huge disadvantage at a track such as Wakefield Raceway which focuses more on fast corner and average speed opposed to straight line or top speed.

As a minimum before hitting the track, an 86/BRZ should be equipped with upgraded brake pads and tyres to provide the driver with confidence crucial to going fast.

For the stock Intima 2014 Toyota 86 GT, we chose our popular crossover street and track pad the Intima SR and equipped an extreme performance street tyre Zestino 07RS all around.

We recommend upgrading disc rotors (e.g. DBA T3 4000) at the same time however in this case we left ours stock for testing purposes.

With the two most important upgrades installed, the Intima Brakes Toyota 86 posted a 1:13.1 fastest time around Wakefield.

For an almost stock car with such low power, a 1:13 is a very respectable time.

*Due to the stock rotors retaining a high level of heat, cooldown laps or returning to pit is recommended after 3 laps as you may experience brake fade and also to keep the brake pads within operating temperature.

What were the key factors which attributed to this fast time? 

The brakes and handling most definitely. Being able to confide in the consistent strong late braking and braking control is important to maintain speed while exploiting the great cornering ability of this car.

Here is a run down of the track based on our testing and experience so you can go fast too:


Heavily dependant on your confidence and grip level however you can keep full throttle through this corner. You can build up your confidence by lifting off the accelerator early down the straight to wash off speed until you are confident in your and the cars ability to keep accelerating through the “kink”.

The common racing line is staying left alongside the concrete barriers and then a small steering transition into the T1 apex.

You should then immediately straighten up and point the car towards the left corner of T2.


With the car still going straight towards T2 left corner, brake heavily and up shift to 3rd and steer quickly into mid apex of the T2 right corner then back onto the throttle aiming for the left hand side ripple strip.

Continue to go full throttle up towards T3 steering gradually to the right hand side.


Staying to the right, lightly brake (or lift off throttle or keep on the gas, heavily confidence, grip and aero dependant) and then turn left into T3 aiming to ride over the ripple strip.
There will be a noticeable weight transfer however keep the car in the middle and put in some throttle to keep up the speed as you approach T4.

T4 & T5

This is where the 86 truly shines and can make up a lot of time as it is very nimble around these two corners. The goal is to maintain speed so there is no braking required in these two corners, you can simply wash off speed (if required) before entering the corner by lifting off the accelerator.
Aim to use the full width of the track, steering sharply into the mid apexes and getting onto the throttle early to push the car towards the left hand ripple strips. 

On the exit of T5 you can choose to either stay in 3rd or downshift to 4th, we prefer the latter to keep the car more stable on full throttle through T6 due to no aero.

T6 & T7

Full throttle and turning into T6, aim to ride the ripple strip early and stay on it.

Going full throttle through both these corners ensure you are doing small steering transitions and are feeling the weight shift of the car from T6 to T7 in order to keep it stable.

After clearing T7 point the car straight towards the right corner of T8.

T8 and T9

Your racing line should be pointing you deep into the right hand corner of T8.
You should be going full throttle until you brake.
Equipped with Intima SR, Type-Dv2 or RS, have confidence in the late heavy braking and upshift to 2nd gear (heel-toe technique is optimal) and sharply steer into the mid-late apex. Release some of the steering lock allowing the car to wash out to the right and go back onto full throttle steering the car back to the left directing it to the T9 left ripple strip just before T10.


No braking is required (tap the brake slightly if you are still building up confidence) so simply lift off and steer into mid apex of T10. Immediately go full throttle which will push the car to the left ripple strip. 

Continue on the left full throttle down towards T11.


With Intima braking confidence backing you, brake heavily at or before the 50 marker and up shift into 2nd gear- don’t be afraid of going deep into the left corner. 

Turn sharply mid-late corner and full throttle exit pushing the car out towards the left ripple strip.

All that’s left is to press NOS and race towards the finish line!

Current fastest time for the Intima Toyota 86 is a 1:09.96 on “street” RE71RS tyres:

While we would like everyone to do their best and smash out respectable lap times out at the track, understand and keep within you and your car’s limits.

At the end of the day you want to drive your car home in one piece.

This guide is simply a breakdown of how we did 1:09 in our own Toyota 86, following the information herein is at your own risk.

Once it’s time to crack into the single digits, a front splitter, rear diffuser, GT Wing, sticky R compound tyres, higher final drive and mechanical LSD will get you there or you can simply go forced induction.

Now go out there, get your stopping power sorted by Intima pads, have some fun and give those bigger horsepower cars a run for their money.

Available directly from our online shop:

Front 86 GT/GTS + BRZ – IN1491SS – $83
Front BRZ Ts Brembo – 1678SS – $99
Rear 86 GTS/BRZ – MD7070SS – $80
Rear 86 GT – IN1803SS – $66
Rear BRZ Ts Brembo – 1521SS – $83

Front 86 GT/GTS + BRZ – IN1491SR – $156
Front BRZ Ts Brembo – 1678SR – $160
Rear 86 GTS/BRZ – MD7070SR – $139
Rear 86 GT – IN1803SR – $139
Rear BRZ Ts Brembo – 1521SR – $154

Front 86 GT/GTS + BRZ – IN1491D2 – $239
Front BRZ Ts Brembo – 1678D2 – $259
Rear 86 GTS/BRZ – MD7070D2 – $219
Rear 86 GT – IN1803D2 – $219
Rear BRZ Ts Brembo – 1521D2 – $219


Front 86 GT/GTS + BRZ – IN1491RS – $259
Front BRZ Ts Brembo – 1678RS – $279

Intima SR 86 BRZ brake pads

Intima Brakes Type-Dv2.0 86 BRZ brake pads

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All round braking performance for your AMG A45

The most common complaint you will hear from AMG A45, GLA45 and CLA45 owners is the level of brake dust and mediocre stopping power produced by the factory and some aftermarket brake pads.
Intima is proud to add the Mercedes AMG all wheel drive turbo series to our application guide by offering our all rounder SR brake pads.

Ticking all the right boxes in a performance brake pad – strong initial bite, strong stopping power, low dust and low noise, the Intima SR will unlock the potential of your AMG braking system catering from the daily commute to the weekend spirited drive.

When it’s time to unleash your AMG onto the circuit for some light track work, the Intima SR is more than capable with great control and anti-fade characteristics.

At $185 for the front and $160 for the rear set in the hugely popular Intima SR compound, now is to enhance the overall performance of your AMG A45, GLA45 or CLA45.

Buy online from our shop:
Front SR $185 –
Rear SR $160 –

*pad picture is for references purposes only

Brake pads include shims and are built to exact OEM specification ensuring 100% fitment

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Why you need Intima brake pads in your 86/BRZ

Intima Brakes Toyota 86 Feature

In mid 2019, a stock 2014 model Toyota 86 GT was added to the Intima fleet alongside the Intima S15, Civic and Focus ST.
One could argue that the factory engine power is the most lacking area however we believe the OEM brake pads are actually the biggest downfall and even down right dangerous – the strong pedal force and time required just to stop the car on the street at reasonable speed is shocking.

The stock brake pads were made for one purpose in mind – longevity.
As a result, stopping power, dust and fade were low priority and for such a well made sports car, it truly lets down the overall performance of the car.

Intima Brakes Toyota 86 BRZ SR brakes

The simple act of equipping your Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ with the Intima SS compound at minimum not only transforms the braking performance, it unlocks the full performance of this sporty package and instils confidence into the driver.
The SS compound has good initial bite and stopping power while keeping dust and noise to almost zero – perfect for sporty driving on the street.

For the 86/BRZ driver who enjoys driving this well balanced chassis to its fullest, the Intima SR compound with it’s high levels stopping power and anti-fade are made for those thrilling drives and casual trackdays.
This is the most popular compound for the 86 and BRZ, an all rounder which can handle everything thrown at it.

Intima SR brake pads Toyota 86 Rear

Even with the factory rotors, the Intima 86 equipped with SR pads put down a 1:13.1 time around Wakefield:

If the circuit is where your 86/BRZ heart lies, the Intima Type-Dv2.0 and successor RS will let you drive at your full potential safely and confidently.
With strong progressive braking characteristics providing good control and the ease of use of driving techniques combined with Type-Dv2.0’s renown anti-fade and consistency, it is made for maximum attack. The RS takes this to the next level offering even stronger stopping power and durability while being a true low dust and low noise pad aimed at the track focused street registered 86.

Equipped with Type-Dv2.0’s and a host of aftermarket suspension parts, the Intima 86 did an improved time of 1:10.3 at Wakefield:

The Intima 86 has since managed it’s primary goal of a sub 1:10 time with a 1:09.96 in April 2021 on street rated tyres, stock LSD & FD and no front splitter and rear GT wing.

Intima Brakes Toyota 86 BRZ

All three different Intima brake compounds serve different purposes, whichever you choose for your Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ we are confident it will elevate the performance to the next level and not break the bank.

The 86/BRZ platform is truly amazing and we can’t wait to see more and more of these cars out there performing as they should and unlocking potential on Intima brake pads.

Available directly from our online shop:

Front 86 GT/GTS + BRZ – IN1491SS – $83
Front BRZ Ts Brembo – 1678SS – $99
Rear 86 GTS/BTZ – MD7070SS – TBA
Rear 86 GT – IN1803SS – $66
Rear BRZ Ts Brembo – 1521SS – $83

Front 86 GT/GTS + BRZ – IN1491SR – $156
Front BRZ Ts Brembo – 1678SR – $160
Rear 86 GTS/BTZ – MD7070SR – $139
Rear 86 GT – IN1803SR – $139
Rear BRZ Ts Brembo – 1521SR – $154

RS & Type-Dv2.0
Front 86 GT/GTS + BRZ – IN1491RS – $259
Front 86 GT/GTS + BRZ – IN1491D2 – $179
Front BRZ Ts Brembo – 1678RS – $259
Rear 86 GTS/BTZ – MD7070D2 – $219
Rear 86 GT – IN1803D2 – $219
Rear BRZ Ts Brembo – 1521D2 – $219

Intima Brake pads will be the best ‘bang for buck’ performance upgrade you make for your 86 or BRZ.

*For track use, we recommend complimenting Intima brake pads with performance based rotors (e.g. DBA T3 4000) and high temperature brake fluid (e.g. Motul RBF600) to maximise performance and longevity.

Intima Brakes SR Toyota 86 Wheel
We put our products through their paces ensuring they perform as they should – our mission has always been to be real and transparent.
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Upgrade your Audi RS3/RS4/RS6 braking

The Audi RS flagship lineup requires no introduction, they are your modern day power houses.
Audi knew with great power comes an even greater need for braking and equipped the RS3, RS4, RS6 and R8 models with the same sized Brembo 8 piston caliper comprising of 4 brake pads per caliper.
With this configuration, the total pad surface area is one of the largest for any passenger road car.

The OEM brake pads are adequate to stop the brilliant platform but to really unlock, enhance and maximise the braking performance of the generous brake setup, Intima’s SR and Type-Dv2.0 brake pads will do exactly that.

The Intima SR pad is suited for the performance oriented street driver whilst the Type-Dv2.0 has the added benefit of being capable of the casual track day.

Both compounds come with the correct electronic wear sensor and our unique shims for your convenience.

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Aus Time Attack 2019

Held at Wakefield Park raceway since 2010, Aus Time Attack has always been a great entry point into competitive time attack.
Boasting the largest entry list to date and a new Supercar class, 2019 saw many quick competitors and records broken.

The Intima S15 has graced the Wakefield track for many years but has never entered into any events, it was about time it gave a decent Clubsprint effort.
There is nothing special with the Intima S15 – it is a stock block SR20DET pushing out 260kW with your basic off the shelf parts engine and turbo modifications.

Most importantly on a twisty track like Wakefield, handling is taken care of via D2 Super Sport 2 way coilovers and Whiteline swaybars whilst braking is on a dime comprised of D2 6 pot front and 4 pot rear brake kits with none else than Intima Type-Dv2 pads.
Putting power to the ground are our street tyre of choice, the Zestino 07RS which have never been run on the S15.

Flying the Intima and Silvia flag proudly on the 20th July, the Intima S15 managed a PB of 1:08.3. 

The Silvia performed flawlessly throughout the day albeit corner speeds suffered from excessive understeer due to an sub optimal alignment on the untested tyres which to their own credit held up amazingly.

With 1st place in Clubsprint posting a 1:02 time which rivals those in higher classes, it simply demonstrates the amazingly high the level of calibre cars and drivers in 2019.

It is no deterrence or drawback for the Intima S15, we will continue pushing ahead in pursuit of that faster lap time.
For a basic privateer build, we are happy with the results.
Not content on the time we put down at the event, we dialled in a new alignment and achieved a new PB of 1:07.5 making it one of the quickest street registered and driven Silvia’s on street tyres.

Chris with his R33 GTST returned to Open class for 2019 aiming for a podium finish with the car in a relatively unchanged state .

It took some time to shake off the cobwebs in the morning sessions and a 1:04 time lit eventually up on the leaderboard in the afternoon which resulted in 3rd place in Open class – an amazing result for the father and son team.

Chris’s car pushes out 240kW, grips with Yokohama Advan AO50’s and stopped with a D2 6 pot front brake kit and standard rear 2 pots with Intima Type-Dv2 brake pads.

Eager for some friendly Clubsprint battles with the Intima S15 was Aleks in his GC8 WRX. No slouch out on the track, the narrow Hankook RS4’s had their work cut out for them putting 250kW to the tarmac. 

Intial times were promising as a PB of 1:08.1 was set with much more promise however the 5 speed gearbox had other ideas by imploding down the main straight in the first session.

Intima Type-Dv2 the brake pad of choice in Alek’s front stock 4 pot and Intima SR in the rear single pot.

This WRX will be back better than ever soon!

Aus Time Attack is simply a great event with chilled vibes and a friendly competitive atmosphere – we hope it gets all the attention it deserves in the years to come.
The bar has truly been raised by some well known competitors and whilst it can be daunting for the newcomers, we’d hope that there is still some competitor spirit and room for the true entry level competitors.

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Stopping power for your Golf R MK7 and S3 8V

There is no question these two European pocket rockets are the new performance standard with all wheel drive traction, snappy dual clutch gearboxes and poweful 2.0L engines.
As quick as these cars can accelerate, there is a dire need to stop them just as quickly. VW and Audi responded to this need and upgraded the single piston floating caliper to accommodate a wider and larger brake pad to maximise the surface contact area with the 340mm front rotors.
To fully maximise and unlock the full braking potential of the factory braking setup, Intima are proud to make available the SR and Type-D v2.0 compounds for the Volkswagen Golf R MK7 & GTi Performance Pack and the Audi S3 8V series.

The Intima SR compound is perfect for the street performance, fast road and light track duty scenarios whilst the Type-D v2.0 is built for the track providing the durability, consistency and performance for pushing your high performance Euro confidently.

Grab them from our shop today!
SR –
Type-D v2.0 –

Intima Golf R Mk7 Audi S3 8v SR Type-D v2.0

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Ford Focus ST and RS owners rejoice!

The Ford Focus ST and RS are the new modern hatches that can do it all.
With a punchy 2.0 or 2.3L paired with Ecoboost, these blue oval machines have no problem getting up to speed, carving up corners and grocery shopping.
With a unique front caliper on both ST and RS models, brake pads have been difficult to source… until now.
Intima’s hugely popular SR brake pad compound is now available for your late model turbo Focus front and rear.
Priced at $189 for the fronts and $122 for the rear in SR, your Focus hot hatch will pull up effortlessly stealthily.

Grab them from our shop today and unlock your braking potential!
Focus ST – SR –
Focus RS – SR –
Focus RS – Type-D v2.0 –

Ford Focus ST RS Intima Brake pads
Ford Focus ST RS Intima brake pad profile
Intima brake pads SR Focus ST
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The WTAC 2018 Experience

WTAC 2018 Intima Performance Brake Pads R33 GTST

For drivers, workshops and brands alike, World Time Attack Challenge 2018 represents a proving ground in amateur and professional motorsports.
Man and machine combine forces and battle it out at Sydney Motorsport Park for the chance at imprinting their name in the Time Attack books globally.
The event has come a long way from the years where you would see a relatively basic street registered club trackday car competing. Attracting some of the biggest names and drivers in the motorsport/automotive scene, the bar is continuously raised every year in terms of car build quality and budget.

Making it’s first appearance at WTAC in 2012 and then 2013, 2014 and 2015 – John Richardson and his R33 GTST have been chipping away at the Clubsprint laptime over the years.
With its long wheelbase, ageing chassis and motor, the Skyline RWD platform isn’t quite the popular choice amongst serious time attack competitors compared to its lightweight FWD and grippy AWD counterparts.
Nonetheless, equipped with some modest power (300kW), off the shelf suspension parts and a plethora of home made aero and cooling modifications; the R33 GTST clocked in a blazing time of 1:41.3 in 2015 narrowly missing out on a podium spot.

For the next two years, the Skyline went into hibernation and spectated on the sidelines as the Clubsprint field got larger and faster.

After having good success with the original Type-D v1.0 in his WRX, John has made the Intima brake pad range his pad of choice and has since been a great brand ambassador.
With version 2.0 of the Type-D track compound released earlier this year and with the Skyline dusting off the cobwebs for VIC Time Attack 2018, it made sense for Intima to partner up with the humble R33.
The results speak for themselves as the R33 finished in 3rd place in the Street Class and Fastest RWD, a good win for the team which reinforced the potential of the car.

WTAC 2018 Intima Performance Brake Pads R33 GTST D2 Australia BBK

For WTAC 2018, the car remained largely unchanged except for a D2 Australia Front 6 piston 356×32 2 piece rotor brake kit to compliment the Type-D v2.0 stopping power.
To the relief of many, the Skyline black & gold theme from 2015 was done away with and in its place a new war paint in the Intima colours.

Intima Brakes R33 GTST WTAC 2018

Throughout the 2 days of competition, the driver and car performed exceptionally.
For those who watched or were present at the event would know however, there were many frustrations to be had for the Clubsprint class such as the weather and amount of usable track time due to consistent red flags.
One unfortunate oversight the team did not forsee were the condition of the tyres, the optimal grip on the AD08R’s were way past their optimal level considering they were from WTAC 2015 (additional track debris also did not help).

All things considered, to be able to put down a 1:43.5910 time was still a very quick time and a good result despite being 2 seconds behind the previous best.
This placed the Intima Performance Brake Pads R33 in the top 15 out of 36 Clubsprint competitors.

To its credit, the Type-D v2.0 compound equipped front and rear performed flawlessly and pulled the Skyline up continually and consistently as reported by driver.

As Clubsprint competitors continually get faster and their cars more expensive, the Intima R33 has its work cut out for it in order to stay competitive.
Whilst being on the podium and holding a trophy is the ultimate goal for any motorsport competitor (including us), being able to hold your own and do your best against the odds is a win in itself.

At Intima, we’re all about unlocking the potential and supporting your journey as we are the brand that’s driven to achieve.

In closing, thank you to the Richo team, my wrap team and to all the supporters out there – let’s see what 2019 brings!


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Subinats 2018 – Victorious

For 2018, Subinats headed up to Sydney Motorsport Park to hold an amazing motorsport event over 2 days with 3 different track layouts.
Intima were proud to be sponsoring the clubman class which is where our track focused Type-D v2.0 compound shines – at club level.
With a large competitive field, Intima sponsored driver John Richardson in his Impreza WRX had his work cut out for him with just 180kW to propel him around the long Eastern Creek track.
Consistency was key which the Type-D v2.0 provided allowing driver to place top 3 in all 3 track layouts ultimately resulting in outright 1st place in class.
An amazing event which Intima look forward to supporting in the many years to come.

Enjoy the video!

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Unlock Your MX5 ND Roadster

Regardless whether there is a 1.5L or 2.0L engine under the bonnet, there’s no denying Mazda’s new generation roadster has the performance and looks.

Maximise your enjoyment through your favourite roads with unparalleled confidence with Intima’s popular SR compound.
When it’s back on the regular roads for the commuter travels, the SR will continue performing silently while keeping dust to a minimal.

If track is where your roadster heart lies, then the Type-D v2.0 will meet your every expectations of anti-fade, consistent high level performance and durability.

Grab them from our shop today!
SR –
Type-D v2.0 –

MX5 ND Intima SR Front Brake Pads
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