There is no question these two European pocket rockets are the new performance standard with all wheel drive traction, snappy dual clutch gearboxes and poweful 2.0L engines.
As quick as these cars can accelerate, there is a dire need to stop them just as quickly. VW and Audi responded to this need and upgraded the single piston floating caliper to accommodate a wider and larger brake pad to maximise the surface contact area with the 340mm front rotors.
To fully maximise and unlock the full braking potential of the factory braking setup, Intima are proud to make available the SR and Type-D v2.0 compounds for the Volkswagen Golf R MK7 & GTi Performance Pack and the Audi S3 8V series.

The Intima SR compound is perfect for the street performance, fast road and light track duty scenarios whilst the Type-D v2.0 is built for the track providing the durability, consistency and performance for pushing your high performance Euro confidently.

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SR –
Type-D v2.0 –

Intima Golf R Mk7 Audi S3 8v SR Type-D v2.0