Held at Wakefield Park raceway since 2010, Aus Time Attack has always been a great entry point into competitive time attack.
Boasting the largest entry list to date and a new Supercar class, 2019 saw many quick competitors and records broken.

The Intima S15 has graced the Wakefield track for many years but has never entered into any events, it was about time it gave a decent Clubsprint effort.
There is nothing special with the Intima S15 – it is a stock block SR20DET pushing out 260kW with your basic off the shelf parts engine and turbo modifications.

Most importantly on a twisty track like Wakefield, handling is taken care of via D2 Super Sport 2 way coilovers and Whiteline swaybars whilst braking is on a dime comprised of D2 6 pot front and 4 pot rear brake kits with none else than Intima Type-Dv2 pads.
Putting power to the ground are our street tyre of choice, the Zestino 07RS which have never been run on the S15.

Flying the Intima and Silvia flag proudly on the 20th July, the Intima S15 managed a PB of 1:08.3. 

The Silvia performed flawlessly throughout the day albeit corner speeds suffered from excessive understeer due to an sub optimal alignment on the untested tyres which to their own credit held up amazingly.

With 1st place in Clubsprint posting a 1:02 time which rivals those in higher classes, it simply demonstrates the amazingly high the level of calibre cars and drivers in 2019.

It is no deterrence or drawback for the Intima S15, we will continue pushing ahead in pursuit of that faster lap time.
For a basic privateer build, we are happy with the results.
Not content on the time we put down at the event, we dialled in a new alignment and achieved a new PB of 1:07.5 making it one of the quickest street registered and driven Silvia’s on street tyres.

Chris with his R33 GTST returned to Open class for 2019 aiming for a podium finish with the car in a relatively unchanged state .

It took some time to shake off the cobwebs in the morning sessions and a 1:04 time lit eventually up on the leaderboard in the afternoon which resulted in 3rd place in Open class – an amazing result for the father and son team.

Chris’s car pushes out 240kW, grips with Yokohama Advan AO50’s and stopped with a D2 6 pot front brake kit and standard rear 2 pots with Intima Type-Dv2 brake pads.

Eager for some friendly Clubsprint battles with the Intima S15 was Aleks in his GC8 WRX. No slouch out on the track, the narrow Hankook RS4’s had their work cut out for them putting 250kW to the tarmac. 

Intial times were promising as a PB of 1:08.1 was set with much more promise however the 5 speed gearbox had other ideas by imploding down the main straight in the first session.

Intima Type-Dv2 the brake pad of choice in Alek’s front stock 4 pot and Intima SR in the rear single pot.

This WRX will be back better than ever soon!

Aus Time Attack is simply a great event with chilled vibes and a friendly competitive atmosphere – we hope it gets all the attention it deserves in the years to come.
The bar has truly been raised by some well known competitors and whilst it can be daunting for the newcomers, we’d hope that there is still some competitor spirit and room for the true entry level competitors.